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Medical Expo – IAIE & ZIMEX


Approved by Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government, jointly hosted by Health Commission of Zhejiang Province, Science & Technology Department of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang International Medical, Scientific, Education Equipment, Supplies & Technology Exhibition (IAIE), is held in March every year. Very similar to IAIE, another medical expo-ZIMEX is held each September.

These two Expos aim to introduce advanced technology & equipments from abroad, demonstrate the latest domestic medical devices & equipments, exchange international medical information & technology, further open up to the outside world, boost the medical market, and speed up the development of health industry in Zhejiang Province.

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Every year, about 400 medical manufactures and retailers home and abroad exhibit their latest medical devices on IAIE. Meanwhile, there are a series of forums and seminars related to medical technology and devices during the Expo. Generally, this 4-day event attracts more than 60,000 visitors, including government officials, hospital executives, experts and other relevant professionals.

These two Expos are considered an epitome of the medical and health care development in Zhejiang province, a beacon of the future developing trend. It serves as a platform for hospitals and enterprises to communicate and interact, enabling all parties to carry out extensive exchanges in medical technology and information, and to establish a long-term cooperative relationship.

What makes the Expo unique is that, with the support of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Finance, a simplified government purchasing procedure is implemented to improve purchasing efficiency.